Livestock herds are different sizes and will have different needs for mineral supplements.

Many trace element mixtures (solid or liquid) will only need dosages of around or below 5 grams or 5 mls per animal/day. These are very small amounts on a per herd basis.

The Multi-Purpose Dispenser needs a density difference in the container compared to the trough water in order to work efficiently. Therefore, to dispense small amounts of minerals, add additional salt as a “carrier” in the dispenser to “carry” the mineral supplement into the trough. You can use a coarse agricultural salt in the range of 10-15 grams per animal/day OR magnesium sulphate/chloride (usually 30-60 grams per animal/day).

This acts as the carrier for the smaller trace mineral dose by giving the overall dose in the dispenser sufficient density to allow the dispenser to work correctly.