What’s the easiest and most cost-effecitve way to control bloat?

It’s certainly not drenching! Drenching twice a day is a very labour-intensive way to control bloat.

With a PETA Dispenser you can control bloat easily through dispensing bloat control material in the drinking trough. Simply place in the trough and the job is done.

You can use a PETA Bloat Dispenser as your primary bloat prevention method. No more drudgery of twice-daily drenching needed! You’ll only need to use drenching as your secondary protection in very high risk periods, or when there is exceptionally high rainfall (as this significantly reduces the animals’ water intake).

Using a bloat dispenser is safe and economical. You won’t need as much bloat control treatment, because cows ingest it more efficiently when drinking it with water, than with drenching.  Plus using a dispenser takes significantly less labour than drenching. These two things lowers your cost of bloat control so you can control bloat for longer.

The easiest way to control bloat is with a PETA Bloat Dispenser.