“We milk 700 cows and have used the 12-hour night and day PETA Bloat Dispensers for a number of years now and have found them to be very useful for our farming system.  We don’t drench for bloat anymore and they are so easy to use.”

Steve Monks, Dairy Farmer

“We have used both PETA multi and zinc dispensers for over 20 years and in that time have had excellent blood/trace element levels in our herd”.

Michael Mexted, Dairy Farmer

“We use the PETA Dispensers to dispense Mono Zinc into troughs for our 900 cows. We find the dispensers are reliable, efficient and never need replacing”

Laurette Strude, Dairy Farmer, Tuit Farm

“We have used PETA Dispensers for more than 20 years. No more drenching, just a trip to the trough. Less time, no effort.”

Angus Smith, Dairy Farmer