Dispensers that Provide the Simplest Way to Healthy Animals

PETA Dispensers are scientifically developed for easy and accurate treatment of drinking trough water, dosing on a per-animal per-day basis. They are the easiest way to control bloat, prevent facial eczema and dispense trace elements, magnesium and salts.

Developed and manufactured in New Zealand

PETA Dispensers started manufacturing dispensers in 1976 based on scientific water studies at world-renowned Ruakura Research Centre, in Waikato, New Zealand. The dispensers continue to be developed, manufactured and serviced in Hamilton, New Zealand. You can read about the history of PETA Dispensers here.  


Each dispenser is made from high quality materials and guaranteed against all defects in construction and materials for 12 months from the purchase date. Please complete the warranty registration form within two months of purchase. For warranty needs contact us.

Available in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Japan and more.