PETA’s Patented Design Treats Water on a Per-Animal Per-Day Basis

Daily water intakes can vary from 10 litres to as much as 70 litres per cow, depending on the weather and other factors. That’s why it’s important that a water treatment system does not dose on a per-litre basis, but instead doses on a per-animal per-day basis.  This prevents over-dosing on high intake days and under-dosing on low intake days.  Only the patented PETA Dispensers can meet these requirements.

Scientifically Developed

PETA Dispensers were developed by agricultural scientists at Ruakura Research Centre – the world known agricultural research centre in New Zealand.  The dispensing rate matches the drinking patterns of animals, with 12-hour, 24-hour and 48-hour models of dispensers.

Choosing the Right Dispenser

Three different types of dispenser are available – Bloat, Zinc and Multi-Purpose.  Each reusable dispenser comes in a variety of options for lid sizes and duration.   Use our online guide to help you easily identify the right dispenser for your needs.

Developed and manufactured in New Zealand

PETA Dispensers started manufacturing dispensers in 1976 based on scientific water studies at world-renowned Ruakura Research Centre, in Waikato, New Zealand. The dispensers continue to be developed, manufactured and serviced in Hamilton, New Zealand. You can read about the history of PETA Dispensers here.  


Each dispenser is made from high quality materials and guaranteed against all defects in construction and materials for 12 months from the purchase date. Please complete the warranty registration form within two months of purchase. For warranty needs contact us.

Available in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Japan and more.